Sambruk – Municipalities for Joint Development of e-Services – was the Swedish national partner for GOW 2016. Sambruk first joined the campaign in 2014, but actively participated in previous year’s GOW campaigns (’11, ’12 and ’13). 

in 2016, Sambruk involved public libraries, NGO’s, private enterprises, study associations, and a wide network of several National Government Agencys’ local Service Centres, as well as sponsors such as Swedish Internet Society, IIS. Since Sambruk is not an association of telecentres (we organize Local and Regional Authorities), they involved other e-inclusion partners and stakeholders, mainly public libraries and other Municipal offices.

Sambruk’s partners offered a wide variety of information & training sessions for “drop-in’s” and beginners classes on ICT skills for employment. Building on experiences from two campaign weeks in 2015, Sambruk further focused on individuals’ understanding and utilizing eID, thereby fostering trust and confidence in Internet-based services and information, as well as in public e-services. In a variety of workshop activities there were also training sessions.

The four main categories of partners were

  1. public libraries – focusing on digital inclusion (literacy, trust & confidence)
  2. several National Gov’t Agencies: Medierådet (Swedish Media Council), Myndigheten för Delaktighet (Swedish Agency for Participation) and Myndigheten för Samhällsskydd och Beredskap (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency). These agencies’ responsibilities comprise specifically (a o) digital inclusion, trust & confidence in Internet related services & technology
  3. adult educational associations – focusing on digital empowerment (skills for jobs)
  4. Government Agencies’ Local Service Centres, focusing on digital inclusion (trust & confidence in public e-services)
Contact: Mr. Thomas Finger, Project Leader

                Mr. Claes-Olof Olsson, Head of Operations