GOW17 is the significant opening campaign week within the Swedish network organization ‘Digidelnätverket’ – coordinating and overseeing a host of activities all over Sweden, with the objective to become a nation of 100% Digital Citizens

Föreningen Sambruk – Municipalities for Joint Development of e-Services – is the Swedish national partner for the fourth time for GOW 2017.


Sambruk will involve public libraries, NGO’s, private enterprises, study associations, and a wide network of National Agencies’ local Service Centres, as well as sponsors such as Swedish Internet Society, IIS. Since Sambruk is not an association of telecentres, but Local and Regional Authorities, they will involve other e-inclusion partners and stakeholders, mainly public libraries and other Municipal offices, around 150 total.

The three main categories of partners are:

  • public libraries – focusing on digital inclusion (literacy, trust & confidence)
  • adult educational associations – focusing on digital empowerment (skills for jobs)
  • Government Agencies’ Local Service Centres, focusing on digital inclusion (trust & confidence in public e-services)


Partners will offer a wide variety of information & training sessions for “drop-in’s”, beginners classes on ICT skills for employment. Based on successful experiences and outcomes from previous campaign weeks in 2014, 2015 and 2016, Sambruk will further focus on understanding, utilizing and protecting one’s eID, thereby fostering trust and confidence in Internet based services and information, as well as in public e-services.

On Cybersecurity

Since Sweden lacks a national, generally accepted e-Identity certificate (contrary to e. g Estonia and Denmark), the Swedish eID market provides a number of different solutions and providers. One particularly growing trend is Mobile BankID, using your smartphone. We have now more Mobile BankID than “ordinary” eID users among Digital citizens, but still a large number of both Digital and Analogue Citizens are still excluded for utilizing secure Internet Services, used by virtually all Internet/web based service providers, both enterprises and public agencies. All our partners are well aware of this dilemma and will meet and respond to the public’s demands of learning about online ID use, becoming aware of Internet security and privacy issues, in conjunction with basic tips and guidance into the digital society.

On e-Services

A majority Sambruk’s partners during GOW17 are public libraries (operated by the local authorities), who will be providing assistance & training in utilizing public e-services, specifically offered by their home city/municipality. Likewise, the partners from national agencies – within their respective local offices – will provide helpful hints related to their specific e-services, ranging from tax returns, social security and eHealth issues, job seeking, etc.

On Employment and Entrepreneurship

Several partners represent study association, providing curriculums for theoretic and vocational training. They will provide lectures and workshops related to create/define one’s own future, to progress, how to find new jobs, starting a company, etc. Partners representing unemployment agencies will also focus on digital skills to enhance more effective jobs seeking, as well as promoting employability

Sambruk with its partners will engage 2,500 users in the GOW17 activities in Sweden.


Contact: Mr. Claes-Olof Olsson, Head of Operations