Boosting digital skills in Spain

Already a partner for the past five GOW editions, Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks is again the Spanish national partner in 2017. The Association is a network of regional telecentre networks grouping around 8,000 national telecentres.

The Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks will coordinate the campaign at a national level through its 11 Networks: Consorcio Fernando de los Ríos, Consorcio asturiano de Servicios Tecnologicos, Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Fundacion Centro Tecnologico, Consejeria de Fomento de Castilla y Leon, Diputacion Provincial de Burgos, Agencia gallega de Modernizacion Tecnologica, Direccion General de Informatica y Telecomunicaciones de Murcia, Fundacion Dedalo and Fundacion Esplai.

The Spanish National Partner will develop several activities for the promoters of the GOW. The activities have been programmed from the different networks that form the association, among which the are workshops, webinars, talks with experts, and several online and face-to-face training events.

Some of the examples of those activities according to the GOW17 topics:


  • Webinar Family cybersecurityYou drive on the Internet” is aimed at families to offer basic guidelines for a safe use of technology, with special attention to mobile devices and their apps.
  • Connection and discussion with experts is structured as an action, in which the protagonism is shared between an expert (via hangout) and users. They will talk about a certain subject, providing and clarifying concepts, offering solutions, advice, practical applications. One of the topics will be on Cybersecurity: a fundamental element that must be present in the daily use of ICT.
  • Following your fingerprints on the Internet workshop is about digital identity and protection of personal data. This workshop enables a correct use of personal information and third parties on the Internet and above all, on social networks.
  • Copyright and intellectual property on the internet training will enable users with skills to learn legal framework around the issues.


  • Practical workshop “Tudela, a technological city” will present the most useful applications offered by the city administration . Tudela is an example of the city where the Administration is constantly improving their services for citizens and companies to make them more efficient, agile, and accessible.
  • Connection and discussion with experts“, described above, will also include the topic of e-Services: this section encompasses a huge variety of services, including mainly e-administration.
  • Introducting First aid in a webinar format.

Employment and Entrepreneurship

  • Free online course on entrepreneurship will be offered by Cisco NetAcad and Esplai Foundation.
  • Connection and discussion with experts, described above, has the Entrepreneurship part including e-commerce, digital marketing, professional social networks, globalization of markets.
  • Workshop Project EIBI: European incubator of business ideas  is focused on identifying people who are willing to re-think their future and participate in a blended training that allows them to move from the idea to the business.
  • Webinars Mobile Applications for Active Job Search and Create your Video CV and increase the chances of finding work will be provided for job seekers.

Other activities  that will take place during the GOW17 in Spain include various  training courses in the use of tablets and mobile devices; HTML training; Certification of Digital Competencies in Office of CODIX; Introduction to Robotics in the Guadalinfo centers.

6,000 people will be engaged in the GOW17 activities in Spain.

ContactJose Moreno, Technical Secretary