Already a partner for the past four GOW editions Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks was again the Spanish national partner in 2016. The Association is a network of regional telecentre networks grouping around 8,000 national telecentres.

Here is a fraction of what took place in Spain that year:

  • Conference/meeting and workshop of Telecentre Networks with the participation of managers and e-facilitators. The aim was to create a networking space where those responsible for managing of telecentre networks and Telecentres  could share methodologies, processes, resources, tools and best practices.
  • Training cycle “Employability and ICT”. The objective was to guide, train and provide resources of interest on the new opportunities of the Internet for job search. They had organized classroom workshops on Employability and ICT in CyL Digital Spaces, and other telecentres networks, aimed at both unemployed, to improve job search on the Internet and social networks, as well as those workers who wished to improve their tech skills. The training was conducted also for those seeking new digital career opportunities.
  • Webinars cycle: “Internet – your window to employment”; Your CV, employment window; Your CV Employment Networks; Linkedin and search opportunities; Manage your professional identity on Linkedin.
  • “CEMIT-Innova (spaces of digital social innovation)”. As part of this project a pilot on social innovation was designed and launched in various municipalities in the CEMIT Network, aimed at solving social challenges through new technologies. Collaborative and participatory spaces were created to help the process of social digital innovation. At the same time, citizens could bring together concerns, identify social challenges, and give collective responses that ICT would be a determining factor key.
  • Digital skills and employment workshop. Different digital competence models will be discussed during the workshop.
  • Online training actions planned by the Telecentre Networks.

ContactJose Moreno, Technical Secretary