Already a partner in most previous GOW editions, EOS Foundation will be the Romanian national partner in 2016.

EOS Get Online Week 2016 campaign will focus on three main components:

  1. provision of digital literacy training
  2. evaluation/certification of the level of IT skills through the Certiport internationally recognised certification system
  3. awareness raising regarding the need to continue to have a focus on basic digital literacy skills, especially since the IT skills level in Romania is still at only about 50% of the population.

In terms of training, besides basic IT courses, EOS will deliver a new e-Train-the-Trainer course to 60 eCentre trainers and facilitators. Accessibility will also be in focus in terms of the inclusion of the marginalised groups, e.g. the blind and the deaf, who could easily be included in the Information Society with a small effort on the side of public authorities and companies.

To address people’s trust & confidence, five types of workshops will be organized by the partner telecentres and libraries in Romania:

  • the World Wide Web
  • Connecting safely to the Internet
  • Digital communication
  • Digital citizenship
  • Finding relevant information

In partnership with Microsoft in Romania and Certipro Education,  EOS will be organizing an awareness raising campaign related to junior jobs available in the IT industry and will be providing opportunities for young people to test their IT skills using Microsoft technology Associate exam simulations.

Approximately 300 students will have the opportunity to test their IT skills in the following areas:  Windows Operating System Fundamentals, Software Development Fundamentals, Web Development Fundamentals, Database Fundamentals, Windows Server Administration Fundamentals, Networking Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals, NET Fundamentals, Gaming Development Fundamentals, HTML5, App Development Fundamentals, Software Testing Fundamentals.

EOS will continue to use the Skillage to encourage young people to brush up on their skills related to business productivity. YouRock will also be featured as a way to direct young people without work experience towards recognising the latent skills they have.


Contact: Mrs. Gabriela Barna, Director