Already a regular partner of the European GOW since 2011, the Information Society Development Foundation (Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Informacyjnego – FRSI) will coordinate Get Online Week 2016.

Young people participating in the Get Online Week 2016 campaign in Poland will find out an easy and attractive way how to use social networks and other online services to build their professional image online and avoid common mistakes (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouRock etc. as well as national social tools). Setting up a blog or video blog will be presented as a method to develop interests and improve skills. Participants will also find out how to use safely online services, especially social networks: for example, what threats are related with registering in not trusted services, which logins and passwords are safe, how to configure privacy settings on Facebook and other networks, what content shouldn’t be posted on the Internet, what might be the consequences, where they can find help if necessary.

Adults will find out where and how they can buy safely goods and services online, which tools might help them, where they can get support and information on their rights.

FRSI will collaborate with Nobody’s Children Foundation (FDN) and will build a stronger cooperation with WIOSNA Association (literally SPRING Association), who was a partner in the last GOW campaign in Poland. Business partners such as Microsoft, UPC and Orange will also be involved.

Contact: Mr. Mariusz Boguszewski, Chief Technology Officer