Do it yourself, be inspired, make money – Get Online Week in Poland

Already a regular partner of the European GOW since 2011, the Information Society Development Foundation (Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Informacyjnego – FRSI)  is the Polish national partner for Get Online Week 2017.


Libraries, schools, local NGOs, houses of culture and other institutions that join the campaign  will organize meetings for people of all ages. The meetings will be prepared according to the ready-to-use scenarios developed by FRSI or its partners available on the Poland’s Get Online Week website

To attract users, the organizers will focus on topics common for everyone: cooking, fashion and do-it-yourself. During those meetings participants will be encouraged to improve some of their skills using Internet. They will also discover that they are able not only to learn online, but also share their knowledge or passions, and – as a result – to increase their entrepreneurship.

The meeting (workshop) plan includes a catchy quiz with questions about skills and online sources, then there is a short presentation of a local guests (e.g. a person who runs a blog). In the last part participants will learn where to find tools or information that will help them to increase their employability or entrepreneurship.

At the same time the GOW partners in Poland will disseminate information about campaign and unexpected facts and stories in social media. This way more people will be aware of the campaign and inspired.

The topic of Cybersecurity is included in the ready-to-use materials for all partners.  E.g.,  during the quiz mentioned above all participants will be learning about popular blogs, websites and online shops, they will be also provided with concrete tips how to use these online tools safely (when they are online users and when they are owners of blog / website).

The issues related to e-Services will also be covered by scenarios.  The focus will be placed on e-Commerce. Participants of meetings will discover that there are many local artists, designers, other entrepreneurial people people who established their websites or blogs and thus earn money by selling their products (or by publishing advertisements on their websites).

The topic of Employment and Entrepreneurship will be present during the whole campaign – both at meetings organized by campaign partners and in communication in social media.

Participants of the campaign will be familiarized with inspiring stories of people, who run their own business online or who use online tools to improve their career and position on labour market. They will learn that they don’t need to complete special courses or live in a big city in order to become an entrepreneur. And that their own passion, even simple things they do every day – can be valued by others.


GOW 2017 campaign in Poland will engage numerous partners – both from the past editions and the new ones. Among business partners, there will be Microsoft, Orange and UPC . NGO partners will include the Center for Civic Education, the Association of Creative Initiatives, the Federation of Educational Activities, the Foundation of Social end Economy Initiatives, the Activation Foundation, the Polish Scouting Association.  FRSI will also invite selected and popular bloggers to support the campaign.

FRSI and its partners plan to engage 12,000 users in the GOW17 in Poland.

Contact: Ms. Małgorzata Dąbrowska