The Association Langas į Ateitį (LIA) is the Lithuanian national partner for GOW since its kick-off back in 2010.

For this year’s campaign LIA has invited partners from the National Digital Coalition meeting to join the national campaign. Main activities planned: webinars to parents, articles on news portals, a contest on Facebook, a lecture broadcasting to visitors of public libraries and more.

On Trust & Confidence

In partnership with the association of Lithuanian banks a number of activities are planned: webinars on safe issues of financial literacy and data privacy, e-banking services online, direct meetings by experts organized to the local community in public libraries and schools. Articles on cyber security published and Facebook contests organized. Main target audience – schoolchildren and parents.

On Digital Jobs

During GOW 2016 Skillage and YouRock will be promoted by State Employment agency youth centres (10) involving ongoing project for youth “Discover Yourself”.

At least 300 librarians in secondary schools will be invited to actively participate in GOW 2016. Activities for young people will include:

  • training for young people and students on coding, online collaboration, web design, e-journalism etc. run by ICT centres
  • promotional events in public libraries and State Employment agency youth centres to unemployed youth

The association will involve some 300 school libraries, 60 public libraries, National Digital Coalition members and private business associations.

Find more information about GOW 2016 in Lithuania here:

Contact: Mr. Osvaldas Rimkus,  Project Coordinator