Already a partner since the start of the campaign in 2010, the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) is again the Latvian national partner for Get Online Week 2016.

During the campaign week, LIKTA has planned the following activities on Internet security and basic ICT skills:

  • Campaign “Check how safe is your IP address” together with CERT.LV
  • Campaign “Take the security quiz” together with all partners of the Cybersecurity Council of Latvia targeting IT students, latest grade students at high schools, and SMEs
  • Online4edu Barometer tests for teachers and e-facilitators
  • Introducing different identification tools, including secure electronic signature

Employability related activities:

  • YouRock profile campaign
  • Digital marketing training for SMEs
  • ICT career days
  • Training on e-commerce skills

LIKTA is planning to involve some 40 national partners and about 80-100 regional coordinators from local municipalities.

Contact: Mrs. Mara Jakobsone, Vice President