Digital by default – ICT industry, public sector, and NGO partners join efforts to ensure that all Latvian citizens and SMEs have the right digital skills to apply technologies and use services.

A partner since the start of the campaign in 2010, the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) is again the Latvian national partner for Get Online Week 2017.

The major co-organizer of the campaign in Latvia together vith LIKTA will be the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. The other national partners will be Library network, Ministry of Education, State Employments Agency. There will also be the regional partners (municipalities, adult education centers, NGOs ) and ICT companies, all together 300 partner organizations.

The campaign will be promoted through the special dedicated website; public call for national and regional partners in early January; newsletters and e-mail campaigns

The following main events and activities are planned for the GOW17 in Latvia:
1. March 27 – High level opening event of national Digital coalition in Latvia;
Event for youth – Digital skills for my future digital jobs
2. March 28 – ICT security day: workshops, webinars, tests, trainings
3. Digital skills for SME s
4. Promotion of digital competences for employment and Self evaluation tests regarding DIGCOMP competences (online)
5. Introduction of new e-services with accent on mobile applications

Specifically, on the topic of Cybersecurity:

  • webinars and workshops
  • self-evaluation tests
  • awereness raising – infographic

On e-Services:

  • promotion of the latest public and private e-services
  • infographics about mobile applications of e-services
  • workshops and webinars

On Employment and Entrepreneurship:

  • at the opening event 4 job profiles for young people will be presented
  • webinars for digital skills for SMEs
  • digital career promotion for young people

With all the efforts, LIKTA and its partners plan to engage 10,000 users in the GOW17 activities in Latvia.