From the personal electronic health folder and digital jobs to safe Internet use: the widening scope of Get Online Week

After being with us for two previous years, ERVET (Emilia Romagna Valorizzazione Economica del Territorio, Bologna) will be the Italian national partner again for GOW 2017.

During the GOW17, the 13 active and newly started Pane e Internet (PeI) Points will run over 15 of PeI’s digital literacy courses for citizens and about 30 workshops, conferences, laboratories etc.

About 10 such events will focus on cybersecurity and digital identity, specifically safe Internet addressing parents, teenagers and educators. Partners and CittadinanzAttiva will be much involved here.

The promotion of online services will focus on the new personal electronic health folder (partner CUP 2000); the opportunities of new mobile applications for elderly people and family caregivers (partner Anziani e non solo); the new online services by public libraries for accessing e-books (with regional Istituto per i beni artistici culturali e naturali).

Activities on new skills for employment and entrepreneurship will target secondary school and university students, young professionals and entrepreneurs from micro, small and medium-sized firms. Topics addressed are open source software; the new digital professions born around social media, data security, and other domains, including youtubers; web marketing and how to exploit social networks for professional-business purposes.

Two national initiatives on the skills-entrepreneurship priority will also be presented during the GOW. One is the Crescere in Digitale (Growing up digital) program, run by the Chambers of Commerce and Google Italy in collaboration with Unioncamere Emilia Romagna. The other is e4Job, the experimental e-leadership training programme developed by AICA and Confindustria Digitale, that will be presented for the first time to local schools.

As in 2016, the GOW will be anticipated by the ABC Digitale event, run by new TE member Open Group in Bologna from 06-20 March. A workshop jointly organised with I-LINC will train youth workers on the new European Entrepreneurship Competence framework. During ABC Digitale, Open Group will present its activities on YouRock and a new counselling service, set up in collaboration with PeI and other partners, on safe internet use and other matters for parents, teachers and educators in general.

Together with its 45 partner organizations, ERVET plans to engage 1,500 users in the Get Online Week 2017 in Italy.

Contact: Mr. Stefano Kluzer