Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) was the Italian national partner for GOW in 2013, 2014 2015, and 2016.

In 2016, they participated through the RomeCup, Excellence in Robotics that is promoted every year in March, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rome and the National Headmaster Association.

The idea behind the event was that robotics can be used as a fun topic for young people to engage with. Schools, universities, and companies were to meet in Rome to bring the excellence of robotics to the capital of Italy. Around 3,000 participants were expected to visit the exhibition area and participate in competitions, workshops and laboratories.

The 3 day RomeCup was held on 16-18 March 2016 and included the following activities:

  • 30 workshops and labs on Educational Robotics addressed to young people (6-19 years old)
  • Exhibition area on Robotics with more than 100 stands (companies, schools, universities and research centres)
  • More than 100 teams from all over Europe participating in the National Robotic Competitions
  • The 1st National Robotic Olimpic Games promoted by the Ministry of Education and Research in collaboration with FMD
  • Coding Labs
  • Conference
  • Promotion of the eSkills for Jobs campaign 2016

The event was be promoted at local and national level through different channels:

  • Dedicated website
  • Fondazione Mondo Digitale’s website (, news sections, social media (#romecup2016) and newsletters
  • Press office of the FMD and all the official partners
  • Websites of participants
The RomeCup 2016 was promoted by FMD in collaboration with Città Educativa di Roma (Municipality of Rome). The event was supported by a number of schools, universities and companies and by the ENEA (National Agency for Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development).

Contact: Ms. Francesca Del Duca, Robotic Area Responsible



Another Italian partner ERVET (Bologna) was  supporting the Emilia Romagna regional government (RER) to run for the second time GOW activities within the Pane e Internet (Pel in short) project. The new Pane e Internet (PeI) 3-year phase started in September 2014 had created 7 PeI Points with 34 participating municipalities and about 80 e-facilitators. PeI Points are networks of local actors devoted to digital competence and inclusion activities, coordinated by municipalities and based around local libraries, schools and other entities.

Thanks to these first results and the efforts underway to establish other PeI Points (19 in total planned by mid 2017), PeI was reaching ever more interlocutors and growing deeper roots across the region. Given these developments and the experience gained with GOW 2015, PeI planned the following activities for GOW 2016.

The full calendar of events by date and location is available on PeI’s website (
On Trust & Confidence:

  1. PeI organized digital culture events devoted to safe Internet use in the new PeI Points, in other public libraries which are part of the PeI system, in schools and other locations, together with old and new PeI partners (in particular the newly established network of Digital Champions)
  2. PeI digital literacy courses during GOW2016 gave a specific session on safe internet
  3. The possibility to use PeI’s camper van for itinerant initiatives wasexplored.

On Digital Jobs:

  1. The successful GOW 2015 format “The new jobs of the digital economy: young people meet professionals and entrepreneurs to learn about them” was to be replicated in at least 3 events (possibly more)
  2. Free webinars were organised to provide introductory courses on new digital activities related to the e-commerce domain
  3. PeI e-facilitators and other intermediaries were trained to provide assistance on online job searching opportunities, with a specific focus on digital jobs, and the use of Skillage and YouRock tools
  4. Those tools were presented in 9 Youth Centres
  5. The collaboration with Digital Champions was sought also for digital jobs and employability events.

Contact: Mr. Stefano Kluzer