This is the third year the Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS) is involved as the national partner of the GOW campaign.

HePIS will organize the following activities:

  • Training sessions through which candidates will learn how to develop their own websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Career counseling sessions of 1 hour each will be delivered advising unemployed people on how to create their CVs and cover letters as well as interview preparation and career orientation.
  • E-learning licenses and ECDL certifications will be given to unemployed people on basic coding skills and upon that to certify their knowledge
  • Coding workshops will be organized through which candidates will learn the basic coding skills
  • Fit4jobs trainings will be rolled out for the candidates to acquire the skills that are highly demanded by the employers. Upon the training, we plan to place the candidates to vacant ICT positions.

Contact: Mr. Manolis Labovas, Marketing Manager