in 2016, Stiftung Digitale Chancen (SDC) focused on the topics of digital inclusion, employability and coding for children.

Digital inclusion as a topic that concerns our whole society was addressed during a planned fair trade under the motto “Digital Media”. There SDC intended to organize workshops both for families and for senior citizens. According to the motto “Find your strengths” SDC organized workshops for young people aged 14 to 25. During the workshops the participants learned how to use and benefit from the social network YouRock.Jobs ( by creating their profiles, taking pictures and videos that demonstrate their strengths to possible employers.

After the success of the coding workshop in GOW15, SDC again invited young pupils to learn about coding and to built their own programmes. With the “Barometer Online Collaboration Skills” of the project Online4EDU ( people could test their online collaboration skills and knowledge during the GOW16 and receive direct results and recommendations for improvement.

SDC’s GOW partners were the students of the Technical University Dortmund, studying rehabilitation pedagogy. Under the supervision of Dr. Bastian Pelka of the Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund the students aimed to fight the digital inclusion in the area of Dortmund. During the GOW they offered fee introduction courses regarding digital topics in Dortmund and spread the campaign messages through online and offline media channels.




tu_ebene2wortmarke_enSozialforschungsstelle Dortmund Central (Scientific Institute of the Technische Universität Dortmund) will help to boost GOW16 activities in the region and will partner with Stiftung Digitale Chancen. A group of students, studying BA in rehabilitation science at University of Dortmund, will organise events in Dortmund as an “applied” studying scheme. Partners will be local telecentres and organisations dealing with vulnerable people in Dortmund.

Contact: Dr. Bastian Pelka, Coordinator